Want the easiest and most flexible way to purchase your Melbourne City FC membership? We’ve got you covered with City Opt-In.

With no additional fees or charges, and the option to pay in instalments or in full, City Opt-In makes renewing your membership easy and stress free as your membership will roll over automatically each year.

Purchase your membership online with a valid credit card, and you'll automatically be opted-in to the City Opt-In auto renewal program.

Then, you can choose between two convenient payment methods. 

  • Monthly: Pay in 11 monthly interest free instalments.

  • Full: Pay your membership in full, and your membership will automatically roll over each year. You don’t need to worry!

Key Dates for City Opt-In members

If you’re already on the City Opt-In auto renewal plan, then you don't need to worry! Your membership will automatically roll over for the 2019/20 season on 

July 1, 2019.

The first payment for your 2019/20 membership will be debited on July 1, 2019 from the credit card you currently have nominated.

If you would like to discuss your membership options or change your membership package, contact our membership team on 1300 255 432 before

June 25, 2019